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Forms and Sets:
Short form I, Blocking Set I
1. Delayed Sword
(front right hand lapel grab)
2. Alternating Maces
(front two hand push)
3. Sword of Destruction
(front left roundhouse punch)
4. Deflecting Hammer
(front right thrust kick)
5. Captured Twigs
(rear bear hug, arms pinned)
6. Grasp of Death
(left flank right arm head lock)
7. Checking the Storm
(front right overhead club)
8. Mace of Agression
(front two hand lapel grab, pulling in)
9. Attacking Mace
(front right step through straight punch)
10. Sword and Hammer
((right flank left hand shoulder grab)

Orange Material
Forms and Sets: Long Form I, Kicking Set I
1. Clutching Feathers
(front left hand hair grab)
2. Triggered Salute
(front right direct push)
3. Dance of Death
(front right step through straight punch)
4. Thrusting Salute
(front right step through straight kick)
5. Gift of Destruction
(front handshake)
6. Locking Horns
(front head lock)
7. Lone Kimono
(front left hand lapel grab)
8. Glancing Salute
(front right cross push)
9. Five Swords
(front right step through roundhouse punch)
10. Buckling Branch
(front left step throuhg kick)
11. Scraping Hoof
(attempted full nelson)
12. Grip of Death
(left flank right arm head lock)
13. Crossing Talon
(front right wrist grab)
14. Repeating Mace
(front left hand push)
15. Sheilding Hammer
(front left step through roundhouse punch)
16. Striking Serpents Head
(front tackle)
17. Locked Wing
(rear hammer lock)
18. Obscure Wing
(right flank left hand shoulder grab)
19. Reversing Mace
(front left step through straight punch)
20. Thrusting Prongs
(front bear hug, arms pinned)
21. Twisted Twig
(front wrist lock)
22. Obscure Sword
(right flank left hand shoulder grab)
23. Raining Claw
(front right uppercut punch)
24. Crashing Wings
(rear bear hug arms free)

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